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Author: Soman Chainani Genre:   Type:

This series is a captivating fantasy tale that explores “good” and “evil”. As you know from the name it’s about a school for good and evil fairy tale characters. Most students are the offspring of well known heroes and villains, but every four years the school admits the best behaved child and the worst behaved child from the only “regular” (non-fairytale) town nearby. The people from this town are called readers, because they’re the ones reading the stories (like us) the students from the school grow up living. But there’s more going on at the school than everyone knows and friends Sophie and Agatha be a part of it. But will they find their fairytale ending? And what is that for each of them? This book tells of great friendships and brings in the romantic drama that every school has, whether they like it or not. I loved that this book makes you question who is “good” and who is “evil”, who has the upper hand and who has the lower one, and who will gain the thing they all want.


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