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Author: K.L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr Genre: ,   Type:

Yet another book about gods has captivated me, but this book isn’t about Greek or Roman gods. This series is about the Norse gods like Thor and Loki. Though maybe the Blackwell Pages isn’t quite as good as Percy Jackson, this series is definitely worth while! Last time I checked there are three books and Loki’s Wolves is only the first. The second is Odin’s Ravens, and the third is Thor’s Serpents. I saw this book at the book fair at our school. When I started it, what kept me interested was that I wanted to keep reading about gods, because I love the Percy Jackson series so much. If you like learning about gods, same as me, then you’ll want to keep reading for one of the same reasons. Another reason I liked this book is because the main characters are the son’s and daughters of the Norse gods, and sometimes I like to imagine myself as a daughter of a god.

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