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Wow. All I need to say is that you need to read this book. I enjoyed every word, not kidding. It made me cry at least three times, warmth spreading through my heart. This story of a dog throughout it’s many lives was truly filled with feeling. And don’t forget the times when it made me smile, then let out a chuckle. This is exceptionally great writing. W. Bruce Cameron, I applaud you. He made it feel like you knew the characters, they were your friends. It felt good to know all of the inside jokes and ideas developed throughout the book. When I first looked at the book, I thought that it was one of those younger kid, dog finds a family books. It is anything but. This story has real world problems, ideas, modern and diverse families, and an overall idea of purpose for a dog in a person’s life. It might be even too scary and worrisome for really young kids. Wait until they will be okay hearing about a search and rescue dog finding dead people after an Earthquake, then damaging it’s nose for good. They’ll also read about owners who treat the dog badly and a boyfriend to a middle aged woman, who hits her. One of the scariest things for me was a boy who did some bad things and ended up hurting a main character badly. Don’t let these things scare you away, just be ready for them. You shouldn’t go to highschool before reading this, but I don’t want to set a limit on how old you should be before reading it, because you should decide for yourself. It may be different for everyone.

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