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Author: Virginia Euwer Wolff Genre:   Type:

My English teacher had us read this this year and I really liked it! It’s about some 6th graders after World War ll and they’re in two softball teams from different schools in neighboring communities. The towns have a long history of 6th grade girls playing a softball game every year and in their year, each team receives a new member. One is a Japanese girl named Aki who used to live there, but was sent away to a concentration camp. Now coming back. The other in a girl named Shirley, but insists everyone calls her Shazam. Shazam has a difficult past which leads to an incident on the day of the game. The book is told in snippets from each and every girls’ point of view, which can be confusing, but it adds a whole new level to the story and you can piece together what’s happening with all of the different perspectives. I found it fun that at times, I knew more than one character would know, because different people revealed different things to me, which no one else knew.

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